Experience Matters

Throughout the years, we've accomplished a lot of good for St. Louis. But, there is still more work to be done.

Below are just a few of the items we've accomplished together:

  • Public Safety. Launched the initiative and secured funding to bring the Cure Violence program to St. Louis. The program is proven to reduce homicides by 50% or more. He also formed a partnership with Crimestoppers to create a robust marketing campaign specific to solving homicides in the City to help get murderers off the streets and increased the reward amounts for tips related to solving homicides. Reed also established a partnership with the St. Louis Fire Department and Lock It For Love to provide free gun locks to residents of the City. 

  • Tackled Illegal Guns. Worked with MOMs Demand Action for Common Sense Gun Laws and Everytown for Gun Safety to sponsor a law that established reporting requirements for failed background checks on gun sales. It passed unanimously by the Board of Aldermen. He also sponsored a gun buyback for the City and removed more than 7,500 weapons from the streets.

  • Police Reform. Sponsored and passed an ordinance establishing a police use of force policy including: banning no knock warrants, reporting requirements for use of force incidents, training mandates, financial and management audits of SLMPD. The law passed unanimously. 

  • COVID-19. Established a special committee of the Board of Aldermen to handle issues specific to COVID-19, including the oversight of CARES Act funds. Reed also hosted multiple free COVID-19 testing sites and public safety resource fairs in North St. Louis. He also secured an additional $1.2M in funding for small businesses to help recover from the affects of COVID on their business. Gathered unanimous support from the Board of Aldermen and pushed for the Governor to initiate an executive order to classify grocery workers, pharmacy technicians, sanitation workers and janitors as first responders.

  • Supported Victims of Crime. Annually joins families who have lost loved ones in the City to violence for a special candlelight vigil to honor their lives and bring awareness to solving crimes in our City. President Reed also facilitates the Crime Victim Compensation program through his office. The program can provide eligible crime victims with up to $50,000 for items such as funeral costs, counseling, lost wages etc. due to being a victim of crime. 

  • Police Body Cameras. For years, Reed pushed for the implementation of body cameras within our police department. In 2020, he initiated the process of making a selection of a vendor for body cameras and pushed for the implementation. 

  • Sustaining our Environment. Sponsored the "no idling law" for the City. In 2017, President Reed joined in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and he sponsored legislation to commit the City to 100 percent clean energy in the form of wind and solar and energy efficiency measures within the electricity sector by 2035. Since then, the City has taken steps to make equitable, cost-effective changes for our environment and residents. In 2019, the Board of Aldermen passed the most aggressive building codes for the City of St. Louis to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our City. 

  • Economic Development. President Reed passed legislation to establish Ordinance 70748, which directs the St. Louis Development Corporation to create a plan to advance our City forward and generate more revenue. Reed spearheaded legislation that produced the best Minority Participation contract this City has ever seen. He also sponsored and passed legislation that will increase facilities for youth, aid in the revitalization of the Northside and tackle issues of family and domestic violence in our City. He supported legislation and the established a first ever fund for stabilizing vacant city-owned buildings. This effort, known as Proposition NS for "neighborhood stabilization," will generate up to $6m each year for direct investments in highest-need neighborhoods, attracting private investment in areas that have declined for many decades. 

  • Small Business Support. On June 1, hundreds of businesses in our City were damaged. Within 24 hours, Reed organized a citywide cleanup, called Restore STL, to help these businesses. And within a week, he raised more than $40,000 to help them repair and restore. 

  • MLS4THELOU. Against all odds Reed successfully led the effort within city government to bring major league soccer to St. Louis. Although initially the idea was met with resistance from city leaders, Reed ultimately garnered overwhelming support successfully pushing through the adoption of the measure

  • 21st Century Education. President Reed launched a partnership with Sprint and the Sprint 1Million Program to address the “Homework Gap” for some area students. The program was introduced into the St. Louis Public Schools. The program allowed high school students who do not have reliable Internet access at home reach their full potential, by giving them mobile devices and free high-speed Internet access.​

  • Revitalizing Washington Avenue. Sponsored legislation and worked to create development plans that ultimately resulted in over $1.7 billion of new development to the City of St. Louis and added hundreds of new housing units throughout the 6th Ward and contributed to the rebirth of Washington Avenue, which created the numerous loft living spaces available today.

  • Government Transparency. He was the first to bring transparency to the Board of Aldermen requiring all meetings to be recorded and streamed live online. 

  • Bike St. Louis. Founded Bike St. Louis, a bike lane program that promotes active and civic wellness throughout the City of St. Louis. Today, it has over 130 miles of bike path throughout the City and County. 

  • Juneteenth. Sponsored a resolution establishing Juneteenth as a paid holiday for City employees. 2021 will be the first year for the day to be a recognized city holiday.