One of my top priorities as mayor is to improve our school systems. I do not want to replace public schools with charter schools. I want to make the Saint Louis Public School system a world class educational system. 

  • Retain Full Accreditation Status. I have been working for years to improve our schools. I appointed Richard Gaines to the Special Administrative Board of the SLPS. Through his leadership, SLPS gained full accreditation. I want to continue to have leaders, such as Gaines, involved with SLPS and continue to improve our schools.

  • Take a Broader Approach to Education. We need more wrap around services with our schools. These go hand-in-hand. As mayor, I will work with area nonprofits and our healthcare providers to make sure our programs are meeting the needs of the students. I will add more programs so that students and their families have better access to healthcare, after school programs, tutoring programs and nutritional programs. We will see better results in the classroom. 

  • Use Technology to Our Advantage. We need to have better use of technology in the classroom. I not only want to see wifi in the classroom, but free wi-fi throughout the entire City. I want to create a program where students are given a device to take home in the summer and work on educational programs. The device will connect to the wi-fi and be used to connect to classroom projects. The student will be engaged in learning all year round.

  • Enhance Early Childcare Education. Early childhood education is essential to the growth of our children. As Mayor, I will work to lobby the State of Missouri for more funding for our early childhood centers in St. Louis.